Mental Health 101

Supporting mental health and recovery

The recovery model refers to both the lived experiences of optimism, empowerment and social support, and to the creation of positive, recovery-oriented services (Warner, 2010):

The concept of 'recovery' in mental health refers to living a satisfying, hopeful, and contributing life, even when a person may be experiencing ongoing symptoms of a mental health problem or illness. Recovery journeys build on individual, family, cultural, and community strengths and can be supported by many types of services, supports, and treatments.

—MHCC, 2018a

For many of us experiencing mental health problems, recovery—the practice, the philosophy, and the hard work—is not just a word, but an actual process. Recovery is made possible by having a safe space to be ourselves, and to find friends, family and peers who know and understand our experiences; it's nurtured when our voices are heard, and we get to speak our stories of courage and resilience. Recovery is about hope.

—MHCC, 2015

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