Mental Health 101

Impacts of mental health problems

Mental health problems impact people’s lives in many ways, including:

    taking medication for problems like stress and depression, and dealing with the side effects of the medication
    missing social and family gatherings
    taking time off work to deal with a personal mental health problem
    taking time off work to help a family member or friend with a mental health problem (Ipsos, 2017).

When a person’s mental health declines, it can become hard to enjoy life in the same way they used to. They may start to feel run down mentally and physically. Mental health changes can affect many areas of work, school and home life, including:

    energy levels
    ability to think clearly or make decisions
    physical health
    life satisfaction (CMHA BC & AnxietyBC, 2016).

Changes in a person's mental health can also impact their coworkers, their family and their friends.

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