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Resource information

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Here are some things to keep in mind while looking through the guide:

  • There are five sections that you can explore in any order, depending on what interests you the most.
  • Words and terms that you may come across when you are accessing mental health services are bolded and include a definition. These words and definitions can also be found by hovering over the words and at the end of the guide in the glossary.
  • The guide suggests questions you can ask your service provider, as well as tips for reaching out to those close to you.
  • There are many self-reflection activities along the way. You can save your responses and progress by creating an account and accessing your notes in “My dashboard.”

You can also access a shorter version of the Youth Wellness Quest Guide! If you’re looking for a quick summary of important information, you can take a look at the shorter version of the guide instead of this online version. The shorter version is a PDF document with all the quick tips and information you may need.

Getting started

  1. You can start by looking through the Youth Wellness Quest Guide based on the sections that interest you the most. You can then fill out the checklist.
  2. Or you can look at the checklist first, then refer back to certain sections of the guide that you want to learn more about.

Filling out the checklist will help you figure out what services are most important to you. You can also use the checklist as a way to ask for the types of support that you are most interested in when you're speaking with a service provider. After filling out the checklist, you can then:

  • search online for local services and contact them for more information
  • talk to a health care provider who can help connect you with these services in your community.