Youth and Mental Health 101

Conversation starters

If you think this is an emergency

If you think this is an emergency

If your friend or family member is talking about self-harm or suicide, and is describing ways to do it, they need help now.

You may be able to get them to a source of help if they agree to go with you, and if you are comfortable doing this. Even if they don’t agree, it is still important to respond with their safety in mind.

You could say:

"I’m really worried about your safety right now. I think we should go to the emergency department."

"Can we call someone to let them know what is happening, like a parent/aunt or uncle/grandparent? Maybe they can come with us—or maybe you’d prefer that they go to the hospital with you instead?"

If your friend or family member doesn’t want you to call anyone and is unwilling or unable to go to the emergency department, you can offer to call 911 with them. If you are concerned about their safety and they refuse any help from you or someone else, you should call 911.