Youth and Mental Health 101


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Note: If you, or someone you know, is feeling suicidal, you should tell someone and seek a health professional’s help. If you, or someone you know, is in distress, call 911 or ask a friend to call.

There are many resources on the Internet; however, not all of them are equally reliable or fact-based. Be careful when seeking information: make sure that you are using a reliable source, such as a respected national organization or hospital. Some reliable resources are listed below, which you may find helpful if you are looking for more information.

Youth Wellness Hubs Ontario (YWHO)

Offers integrated services and supports – including mental health and addiction services, primary care, and community and social services – for youth between the ages of 12 – 25. YWHO is an Ontario-wide network of integrated health and social service centres providing a ‘one-stop shop’ easy access to support services for youth and their caregivers.


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