Youth and Mental Health 101

Getting help

young girl comforting upset friend

Note: If you are in crisis, you can call the Mental Health Helpline at 1 866 531-2600. If you are thinking of harming yourself or others, call 911 immediately.

You may be concerned about yourself, or a friend or family member. Encouraging someone to get support, helping them connect with a service or resource and/or becoming an advocate are all ways to support someone else. If you are having difficulties, speaking to someone you trust about your feelings and experiences is a big first step. Try talking with a trusted friend or relative, an adult you trust, a teacher, doctor, school wellness service or other mental health professional, or contact one of the places in the resources section of this tutorial.

Once a problem is recognized, getting help and finding support can make a difference. Recovery looks different for everyone. It’s okay to move forward at your own pace. People will find different resources and supports that work best for them. 1

1. MHCC, 2015

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