6. Empowering Yourself through Support and Self-Care


Benefits of self-care

In order to help your relative with an addiction problem, you need to recognize the importance and need for self-care (Bubbra et al., 2008). Taking good care of yourself gives you more physical and emotional energy to deal with the challenges you face, and that will benefit your family member.

There are many benefits to taking care of your own health. You will be:

    healthier—physically, emotionally, spiritually and socially
    less preoccupied with your loved one’s substance use problem
    less vulnerable emotionally and physically
    more balanced within your relationships
    better able to endure a long-term relationship with someone who uses substances
    better able to reduce stress
    better able to make decisions and respond effectively within the relationship
    more likely to have energy and patience to support a family member and effectively participate in their recovery
    a healthier support to your partner, other family members and children
    better able to respond to and support a relative with a substance use problem
    better able to parent and support children affected by substance use.

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