6. Empowering Yourself through Support and Self-Care


Managing stress

Strategies for coping with stress

Reduce stressors

    Problem solve
    Take steps toward change
    Set limits
    Reduce responsibilities
Decrease the perception of stress

    Accept the situation
    Pray or meditate
    Let go of the situation
    Express yourself (e.g., write)
    Engage in positive self-talk
    Remember how you have coped in the past
    Deal with one stressor and one moment at a time
    Find humour or something positive in a challenging situation
Increase resources

    Get professional help
    Access community resources
    Get emotional support
    Ask for financial assistance
    Ask for practical help (e.g., cleaning or child care)
    Spend time with people
    Distract yourself (e.g., watch a movie)
    Educate yourself
    Find joy in life
    Get a massage
    Express your emotions (e.g., allow yourself to cry or laugh)
    Eat properly
    Get enough sleep and rest

Download the Managing stress activity.

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