6. Empowering Yourself through Support and Self-Care


Finding support

My support network

self-reflection icon

Label each circle with a person or service that is part of your support network.

Download this My support system activity.

If you are filling this in online, remember to click the Print button if you would like to save them for your records.

    Put an asterix (*) beside the names of your strongest supporters
    Put a dash (-) beside the names of those who offer less support 
    Add an exclamation mark (!) beside your more consistent supporters
    Add a question mark (?) beside those that provide less frequent and less consistent support.
    And finally, beside those whose support is the most helpful, add the number 1.
    And for those who are unhelpful or provide harmful support, add the number 9.



















Note: The information you enter on this page will not be saved in our database. Do not leave the page until you have printed your responses if you would like to keep them.

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